The Dining Room & Bar

A focus on freshness

Our philosophy at The Guardsman is a break from the norm. No standard menus, no set hours. We favour a menu that champions the freshest, seasonal produce available, served as and when you want to sit down. Our Dining Room & Bar is an exclusive space for our resident and their guests.

Dining with us

Dining Room and Bar

Our focus in the Dining Room is on food that’s at its best right now. Our menu is updated constantly to reflect the passing seasons ensuring an ever changing and innovative selection of dishes. The Dining Room is always open to welcome you, there are no set hours. The Bar is stocked with all the classics you’d expect and some hidden gems that may be new to you. Our selection of 250 whiskies rivals our wine list in breadth and depth.


Afternoon Tea

The most noble of traditions is given a contemporary twist at The Guardsman. Afternoon Tea is served in the Drawing Room or the Library if you’d prefer a little more seclusion. Our pastries are freshly made by our expert chefs, the delicious finger sandwiches change subject to the current season, and our extensive list of fine teas are sourced from a variety of fair-trade producers.